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Diamond Guide
How to Buy a Diamond of Quality

The 4 "C's"

1. Color

The ideal diamond color should be like a drop of pure spring water. The absence of any yellow or brown tint of color will result in the most pleasing appearance.

2. Clarity

Most diamonds have minute inclusions which make every diamond unique. Flawless diamonds, which are extremely rare, would be the most expensive.

3. Cut

The sparkle and brilliance in a diamond are the result of proper cutting and correct proportioning. Unlike color, clarity, and carat which are dictated by nature, the cut of the diamond is directly influenced by man.

4. Carat

As with all precious stones, the weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. Size alone does not result in beauty or value, but it is an important factor to be considered when purchasing a diamond.

The Other "C's"


A diamond certificate or grading report is produced by an independent, gemological laboratory prior to the diamond being mounted, thus resulting in a very accurate, complete, unbiased grading of the stone. Certification is the most important thing the consumer should insist upon having when purchasing a diamond.


Diamonds do need care to keep them at their brilliant best. A clean diamond not only reflects light better, but actually looks bigger than one that's been "dulled" by skin oils, soap, cosmetics, and cooking grease. A little time invested in the care of your ring will go a long way in keeping your investment sparkling.


How much should be spent on a diamond? How much does a one-carat diamond cost? How does quality affect the price?


Purchasing a diamond is an important step in which you want the counsel of an expert, the integrity of an honest jeweler, the value of a solid investment, and the quality service of a trained professional. Buy with confidence that Ellsworth Jewelers will provide you with all of this and much more.